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"We were able to train our university teams in 5 countries without traveling or using internal resources.  The content is great too!"

Delphi Automotive - Risa Borr, VP Global Talent Acquisition

The enemy of every Recruiting Leader is inconsistency.  

When your interviews have no structure and no consistency, your company suffers from expensive hiring mistakes, potential law suits and a bad candidate experience.

But how you can you even begin to get all of your hiring managers on the same page -- using best practice interview techniques -- when there are hundreds, if not thousands of interviews taking place every year?

Well, we know it's not easy.   But we've been there.   And so have most of our clients.   

The problem is scale.  Most companies pull 20 or 30 managers into a conference room once or twice per year and think they've covered their bases.   But what about the other thousand managers who couldn't take the course?  They're left to fend for themselves. 

That's why we partnered with some experts in the assessment space to build an online course that will help recruiting leaders reach ALL of their interviewers...not just the ones who are located at "headquarters".  

Our interview training program has been used by over a thousand managers at some of the biggest (and smallest) companies in the world this past year with an average rating of 4.5/5.0.   

If you're looking to protect your organization from hiring mistakes, compliance issues and an overall lack of consistency, click on the button below and audit the course for free.   We think you'll find it's an affordable solution that positions you as a provider of simple recruiting solutions to your key stakeholders.  

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